The only limitation to company stories is your imagination. On the one hand, this is good because it gives you a lot of freedom to customize them. But at the same time, it can be overwhelming as well.

Here are a few ideas and best practices for what to showcase in your Company Stories:

Day-to-day job

  • Give developers a realistic idea of what their day-to-day life will be like at your company so they can picture themselves in that role

  • Show daily tasks of colleagues

  • Highlight projects developers are currently working on

  • Provide pictures of standups, the sprint planning, or sprint review

Recruiting Process

  • Walk your candidates through all the steps of your recruiting process. How many interviews are needed? Is an assessment test needed? How long does a candidate have to wait until he/she gets a response?

  • Show who is part of the recruiting process from your side

  • Let your employees talk about how they felt about the recruiting process in a video

Team Events

  • Add a carousel of pictures of team building events, workshops, trade shows or other special events

  • Provide a behind-the-scenes look at team building events or day-to-day coffee talks


  • Show your team that the potential candidate might be working with. It could be one picture per person or a team video where everyone from the team introduces him and herself

  • Let the team talk about what they like best about working at your company in a short video

  • Let your CEO or the department head talk about what it is like to work at your company and demonstrate respectful leadership with clear expectations

Company Benefits

  • Demonstrate all the benefits your company has to offer through pictures. Do you support employees with setting up their home office? Or do you have an awesome cafeteria? This is the time to show it in pictures

  • Show how your developers get support in their personal careers through peer coaching or by attending developer conferences

  • Show the purpose or your company and let developers feel that they are a part of something bigger and forward-thinking which impacts the private or professional life of many.


  • Add a carousel of pictures of your office.

  • Show the desk or the space that the potential developer would be working at

  • Provide an overview of the devices that the potential candidate would be working with.

  • Show the location of your company and the benefits this location has.

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