With the premium employer branding page, you have access to additional tools to engage with developers in an authentic way. One of these ways is a feature called stories. Find out how to set up an employer branding page here.

Introducing: Company Stories

A company story is a special card that gets displayed on your company page where you can display various elements that you want to tell developers about.

What you get with stories:

  • A rich company page to build up your employer brand page with authentic content including images and videos.

  • Ad-free company page: No jobs from other companies within the WeAreDevelopers community at the bottom of your company page.

  • Better visibility on the teams page with a premium company card featuring a hero image.

To create a company story head to the Stories tab at the top menu of your dashboard.

Three different kinds of Stories

When you create a new company story you can choose one of three different types: articles, images and videos.

Style the Description Using Markdown

To format your story description you can use Markdown. It is a simple syntax to allow styling and enriching your description. We support the following Markdown formatting options:


*This text will be italic*
**This text will be bold**


- Item 1
- Item 2
- Item 3


1. Item 1
1. Item 2
1. Item 3


[Link Title](https://URL)

Markdown Example

Here is an example on how to use Markdown in the description to enrich your article with links and styles.

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