Your Company Page helps developers to learn about your business, your brand, and job opportunities with your company. Be authentic and tailor the information towards the developer audience. Completed Company Pages generally receive more visits from the developer community than those with incomplete profiles.

Setup your Company Page

Customize your Company Page in three simple steps:

  1. Set a header image — Your profile header image is the first thing developers will see when visiting your Company Page. Choose a header image that is true to your brand and helps people to understand quickly what you are all about.

  2. Provide company details — Next to basic information about your company it is key to provide valuable information for developers including your company values and tech stack.

  3. Write a short intro — Provide a compelling short description about your company, ideally this information is tailored towards developers.

  4. Well done, you’re all set to publish your first job.

Your Company Page is available through has a unique URL within the WeAreDevelopers Job Community. By default the URL is your the Company Name you provided during the sign-up but of course you can edit the URL in Settings.

Content Cards

The best way to attract and grow your developer audience is to provide them with value by posting additional information such as stories, videos and images on your Company Page.

Wether it's an interview with your CTO, images from your workplace or details about the projects you're working on - this is exactly the content developers are looking for in order to decide about job opportunities.

Content cards are available in the Premium Employer Branding Profile.

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