Here are a couple of questions you might ask us about your data protection and about the general GDPR compliance. We assure you that WeAreDevelopers is completely GDPR compliant. We fully respect your data and your personal details.
However, make sure you read the following questions and answers. It should give you a better overview of GDPR and data protection with a clearer understanding. Here we go:

What does WeAreDevelopers do with my account information?

In terms of data protection and GDPR compliance, our job community is fully aligned with the General Data Protection Regulations. The only ones that would be given the possibility the access your info are our talent management team in the aim of pushing your profile towards industries based on your skills and interests that you set up in the first place.

With whom does WeAreDevelopers share my information?

In general, the idea is to promote your profile to companies automatically and do all the hard work for you. You are presented completely anonymously. Once your profile is matched with a certain company’s needs, we notify you and ask for your approval to continue.

Under which circumstances does WeAreDevelopers share my information with a third party?

Only with your consent. Third parties can only inquire information about you through our team. After you have been matched with another company’s needs, the continuation of the process is pending upon your approval.

Will I receive emails and marketing materials?

Absolutely not. Our aim is to keep you informed only regarding job opportunities and WeAreDevelopers community and updates.

Who can view my user’s account in the WeAreDevelopers job community?

Your profile can be viewed only by you and our talent management team.

What happens when I decide to leave WeAreDevelopers Talents?

You can first decide to either hide or completely delete your profile. In case you decide to completely delete the profile, all your personal data is completely erased from our system, complying with all the General Data Protection Regulations.

Upon deleting my Talents account, will my personal details be kept in your system?

When a user sends the request for account deletion, the personal information is completely erected from our system. This includes any other media partners that came in contact with the user's profile details (if the profile had any contact with a third party). We guarantee that there will be no trace of your personal information in our system nor in any other third party media provider related to our community job platform.

You can always be sure your data is absolutely safe with WeAreDevelopers. In case you want to learn more about GDPR, especially GDPR for developers and developer community, check out this article where we go a bit more in-depth about GDPR and data protection.

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